Pick from products that are sought after by everyone today for beauty, showing appreciation or eating healthy and nutritious. Build a business by sharing anyone of these products that are in the billion dollar industries of today!

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Pat Deasy

Network Marketing Advocate

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”

~ Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs

Chief Executive Officer, Apple


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Criteria to look for in your research for the right company for you to join:

  • Leadership: integrity of the leadership, what is their experience, years in the business
  • Financial Backing: is the business supported with enough cash flow and stability to endure time
  • Product: is it in the right space and right time, is it a product that you feel comfortable marketing to others
  • Years in the Business: has it been around for a while and built some recognition, is it a new company
  • Training: what kind of training is provided by the company and the individuals you will be working with
  • Compensation Plan: is it built to benefit everyone or just the top leaders
  • Reputation: is the leadership and affiliates reputable and have a good name in the industry



During the discovery time:

  • Talk to others who are in the network marketing business and see what their experiences have been
  • Find out how other individuals grow their teams
  • Ask any questions that you have about the business, the  leadership, people in the business you are considering
  • Review the compensation plan and will it provide you with the income you are looking for (you must also determine the amount of time you are willing to put into your new business because this has a direct effect on what you earn, just because one person is making a significant income doesn't mean that you will)
  • Determine what your goals and objectives are

It will be your business!  You will be as successful as the time, effort and dedication you put into it.  It will be a lot of fun but at times it will be frustrating and you should just be aware of that to.  Never give up on a bad day!

Building Team




Now is the time you start to build your team and grow your business!

  • Learn about the products you will be offering
  • Understand the compensation plan
  • Share your new business with others
  • Contact your leadership for any assistance you need as you get started
  • Follow-up with people you have shown your business to
  • Contact any leads you receive
  • Track your business
  • Listen to corporate and team calls
  • Attend meetings
  • Get to know the people on the team you joined
  • Train new members of your team

To Your Success!

John Quincy Adams

For more information on any of the products or

businesses offered, please send me a message.